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A Little About Us

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Our goal is to bring your online shopping experience to a new level! We do provide you with best market solutions, privacy, safety, efficiency, reliability and simplicity. 

No matter whether you do online shopping or whether you have an online shop.

Our mission is to be a safe place for your online shopping deliveries:

easy | reliable | safe

PICK UP POINT takes your experience of personal online shopping to a new level. Why do we think we can do this? Because we are a diverse team with different backgrounds and experiences. We know exactly what your needs are. We provide a healthy mix of knowledge, technology and experience.

We know Cameroon inside out. We know there is still a lot of potential for the digital world. But we want to be part of it and develop it together with you. Talk to us if we can be of any help to you.


At PICK UP POINT, our goal is to serve our clients with best in class solutions. We guarantee exceptional service in all we do, and also make sure that all of your deliveries are safe.


Register today for your personal address at PICK UP POINT!

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